Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Theme of Med-E-Talks ’20 is Healthcare on Tech Highways.

When it comes to Technology in Healthcare, there lies a huge knowledge void in the industry that needs immediate attention. Going by the pace of technological advancements in Healthcare, it is likely that by this time next year, drones would be dropping medicines off at homes across India. Gene editing; precision medicine; virtual reality; and telehealth - the other big game-changers - would also be closer home. The trouble is things may be moving way too fast for us in the healthcare business. Being fence sitter- waiting for things to play out - may not work under the circumstances.

Med-E-Talks ’20 will see an assembly of some of the sharpest minds, including speakers and panelists who have made their mark as technology innovators; as pioneers and early adopters of technology; as social engineers; and of course, as leaders of business.

Target Audience will be Hospital CEOs, COOs, Promoters, Doctors, Hospital Administrators, Hospital Quality Managers, Hospital Marketing Professionals, Digital Marketing professionals and organizations, Media Professionals, Researchers and Academicians.

Please find the link to the event website: Medetalks '20 | Healthcare Technology Conference Bengaluru

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Monday, December 30, 2019


In today's world, there is no industry left that is untouched by the impact of technology. It plays a significant role in transforming the outlook of every sector and even plays a crucial role in managing our day to day activities. One such industry where this technological merger is responsible for improving and saving countless lives around the world is - Healthcare. Technology in healthcare has helped improve the quality of patient care, decrease medical errors, increased patient satisfaction, and made the interaction between the physician and the patient stronger by improving the quality of life. It has transformed and touched all the processes and practices of not only medical practitioners but also all the professionals working in the sector by improving their operational efficiency and decreasing the cost.

Starting from the known innovations of EMR, telemedicine to the latest big data, cloud mapping, and IOT that help monitor and collect real-time data have enhanced the experience of both doctors and patients. Patients now have access to better diagnostic tools, cutting edge treatments, the latest noninvasive surgeries with faster recovery periods, and healing time.

The above mentioned are just a snapshot of how technology has transformed healthcare. Technology will advance, and there will always be newer versions developed to make the existing ones obsolete. 

If you are keen to know what are the latest technological advancements incorporated in the present healthcare and medical system and the benefits provided by them, then your destination should be the 6th Medetalks International conference.


Medetalks is the nonprofit international conference organized by its institutional partner Anvita Tours2health every year with the current demanding topics that benefit the healthcare sector. The current topic of the conference focus on technology and its impact on healthcare. The conference acts as a platform for various national and internationally renowned speakers to share their experience and knowledge on the latest technological advancements.

It acts as a platform in bringing together both the technology industry and the healthcare sector to share and combine their knowledge to provide solutions for improving the efficiency of the hospitals and the healthcare community.

  • 200+ healthcare and IT professionals to attend
  • International delegates and speakers
  • Best platform for networking with the leaders from the industry
  • Assessment of newer technology and startups
  • Experience sharing of the already existing technological innovations in functional hospitals
  • Topics on improving operational efficiency, enhancing patient care, and cost reductions.
  • Panel discussions and Q&A sessions
  •  Technology enthusiasts    
  •  Startup founders  
  •  Social engineers
  •  IT professionals
  •  Hospital CEOs, COOs, Promoters, and Doctors
  •  Hospital Administrators
  •  Digital Marketing professionals and organizations
  •  Researchers
  •  Academicians
  •  Students 

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the technological transformation journey, namely the 6th Medetalks international conference scheduled to be held at Bengaluru, India, on 26th January 2020.

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